Street Wear Fashion in Asia

Exposure to street wears is a big exposure to a lot of cultures too. Street wear fashion in Asia is not an exception. Since street wear is a big subculture in Asia and a lot of people are following the style of street wear in Asia. Moreover, since Asia is a big continent comprising of many nations, it is very hard to categorize or generalize the street wear fashion so it is not easy to see commonness or uniform.

However, we can address who have the biggest influence in this style. It is the Japanese influence and Korean influence.

Korean street wear style is very playful. Oftentimes, it lies on the eye of the beholder. It follows a lot of their music such as k-pop, hip hop and so on. Korean street wear always tries to create or experiment new things.

On the other hand, Japanese street wear style is more conservative and focused on fit, flow and personal style. It focused on what people want to wear rather than its own uniform. Japanese influence on street wear is also calm so it makes your style relaxing. It does not recreate a total different fit in general.

Generally, Asia’s street wear style is chilling out and relaxing. It is really cool. They let people dress on what they want. No one is going to say it is not good or it should not be like that. Some style may be not good to see to others and other styles may not pleasant to look at to others also. But on top of that, people have the ultimate choice to wear whatever they want to wear. No one is going to criticize them or put them down.