Most Fashionable Ladies in 2016

Best Dressed Women in The World

There are numerous women who dress properly and imitate the fashion of famous people. Here are some of the most best dressed women whom we can regard as our model in our fashion style.

  1. Rihanna- She is very famous for her streetstyle fashion and everybody knows that it’s her trip to play with clothes. Whatever she wears, it fits her.
  2. Ruth Negga- This woman renews her fashion as if she is new to herself. She brings back the fashion of past generations through her magnificent dresses.

  1. Bella Hadid- She is one of the most fashionable women. She is very confident of her own style while exposing her thigh or obscenity. She is the most different among best fashionable women in the world.
  2. Sienna Miller- Base on her dressing style, she looked magnificent and her exposed curves do not look bad. Her fashion even makes her more beautiful.
  3. Zendaya- Her unique style makes people say nothing. Her elegant fashion and poise is wonderful. She can carry herself even in a public place.

  1. Michelle Obama- As the First Lady, she wears best dresses of all time that never fades away in fashion list. She also sets an example of good fashion for women who are seeking for best fashion style.
  2. Cate Blanchet- With perfect poise and good body, she is best for wearing flowing gown. She must be recommendable for beauty pageant in her elegant gown.
  3. Celine Dion-The celebrity looks powerful and cute in all her fashion style. She must be in the list. Software design can be used to design dresses like this.