Traditional Fashion in Asia

Each country has its own culture and traditions. In Asia, there are various types of traditional dresses that embody the culture and nature of people in their respective nation. What are the traditional fashion dresses of Asian people? Look at the descriptions below.

Chakri- This is the national dress of Thai women that is made of silk. It is backless and sleeveless type of garment.

Hanbok- Hanbok is the traditional dress for women and men in Korea covering their whole body from neck to toe. Hanbok symbolizes the conservative –type of woman.

Hanbok can be made of silk, satin and cotton.

Kimono- This is a traditional garment of Japanese which is usually made of silk, cotton, satin and linen. Like hanbok, it covers the whole body of a woman from neck to toe.

Kebaya- This is a traditional dress of Indonesian women, made of sheer. They usually wear this with sarong or batik. It is like a modern fashion dress for some.

Longyi- It is the national dress for women in Myanmar. It is cylindrical tube and worn tucked into the ways.

Cheongsam- This is the traditional garment for Chinese women, made of silk and satin. When noticed, it is usually embroidered with Chinese characters.

Baro at Saya- This is the traditional garment of Filipino women. This is usually worn by the tagalog people. However, the kimona is the usual wear of Filipina nationwide. Barong Tagalog for men is usually worn nationwide and is common during wedding ceremonies and social gatherings.

Sampot- This is traditional long skirt for women in Cambodia. It is worn with a modest shirt and blouse.