Asia’s Best Fashion Style!

Let’s see the different fashion style found in the Asian continent. Think about fashion styles in Asia. The dominant fashion styles are the Eastern Fashion Style…The three countries in the east—China, Japan, South Korea, have alike fashion with each other. Look at the fashion styles below of the three different countries. Of course there are differences but there is one thing in common among these three nations—show legs fashion style!  The use of miniskirts and mini dresses looks good….


Fashion is Japan is very unique???? The pop-culture in Japan is close to weirdness, but it is so cool to look at. Weird but…reasonably weird. They  actually  have different fashion style so we can say that they are the most fashionable people in Asia. I hope I could use what they are using.


Korea is one of the most fashionable countries in Asia that brought change to the Asian society. What is in Korea that their influence toward their neighboring countries is very strong?



This is fashion is similar to that of South Korea’s fashion style. Japanese perhaps, this kind of fashion style has influenced the rest of Asian countries that’s why even South East Asian’s have this kind of style but not that usual.



Understand Vietnamese modest fashion today. This is perhaps the preservation of their culture for long ages.  Of course they have the fashion that similar with the east Asians. However, they are more on the traditional style they are raised in.